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Typical Products


The "extra vergine" olive oil

 The D'Amico "olive-press" in Leni is specialized in pressing olives from biological cultivations inspected by A.I.A.B. Harvest-time is in October or November and olives are immediately pressed within 36 hours in order to guarantee the best result producing a high quality oil called "Verde Salina". This olive oil has a typical olive fruit flavour and a mild but schented taste. Very good to prepare traditional mediterranean dishes.
The "Malvasia delle Lipari"
The Malvasia is a sweet and delicate wine. Grapes must be very ripe before harvesting and drying in the sun to obtain an excellent scented wine.
The pressing takes 2 days and the fermentation is slow and ends when the wine gets aroun 16%vol.


The Capers
The caper is a typical mediterranean plant, its bud is used in cooking to make very tasty dishes and sauces . Capers are very good in salads and also just prepared with olive oil ,garlic , mint and paprika. You can preserve in oil and use them even after a year.


What to taste

Aeolian cooking is essentially based on fish and recommends : Involtini di Pesce Spada (stuffed sword-fish), Calamaretti ripieni al Malvasia (stuffed squids cooked in Malvasia), Cernia in umido (stwed fish), and Agghiotta di pesce Spada (sword-fish soup). Vegetables dishes are very typical too and they are mostly wild erbs very well mached with garden vegetables. Special sweets and cakes are made for Christmas (Spicchitedda, with must; Cassatieddi, with almonds ) for Carnival (Giggi, with honey and must) , for Easter (Cudduri and Sfugghiatuli) and on other occasions fried cakes are very popular. Finaly we mention the very traditional Vastedduzzi, stuffed with almonds paste.