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What Look.

A S.Marina(a village on the island Salina)the lungomare and “Corso” are renouned for their shops and keeping in mind the beautiful scenery it makes a great place for a stroll. 
About 100m off the main road you’ll find the “Grotte Saracene ” which are caves that have been around since the seventh centuary after Christ.
These caves served to be very useful for the residents of the island, as they hid in the while escaping from the “saraceni”.  
At Malfa there is a fantasticly beautiful beach that you will find at the “Punta dello Scario”. It has the shape of an ampitheatre and is where the fishermen from years ago used to store their boats, equipment etc. Some of these objects can still be found there even today.
Lingua, which is located at the south end of S.Marina, is where you can see a large lake which up until the last century was used for salt extracting.
You can also go mountain climbing on the island, just by following the track up the largest mountain on the island, Mt Fossa delle Felci and at the top you’ll have before you a spectacular view of the islands.
A legend says that there was once a pesent working in the forest heard a bell chiming and being curious as to where the sound was coming from, followed the ringing until he came to the point. There he found a painting of the virgin Mary. In that exact spot is built the “Santuario della Madonna”(the sanctuary of the virgin Mary)
Going on ahead, you’ll arrive at Leni, a small agricultural village. Leni is a small valley that finishes up at the beach at Rinella, which is a touristic spot on the island. It’s attractions are the black sand and the caves in which the fishermen(years ago) used to hide their boats in.
At Pollare you’ll find one of the most beautiful beaches of the island in which the coast is covered in lava rocks of all different colours. It takes the shape of a semicircle which infact is the crater f the volcano. Also at Pollare there’s the house in which scenes from “the Postman” were shot.
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You can tour the island by boat and can see numerous colours and transperencesof the beautiful waters. By touring the island in boat you’ll begin to understand how the island is a volcano. This is because it makes it much easier to see all the rocks and different peaks of the island.
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